Racial Stereotypes In High School

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I've never payed much attention to much in life growing up, for me I was raised with the notion of do good in school, make money and that nothing else mattered at least that's what my parents taught me. So, throughout my life I've always done my schoolwork as needed and went home and slept, it was an infinite cycle of eat, work, sleep and repeat. It was almost like I was pushing a boulder up a mountain only to let it roll down to the bottom and do it all over again. I was oblivious to banality of my life, satisfied with my quality of life even, I was happy living in the suburbs of little old Everett and not exploring places beyond. However, everything in my life changed in High school, not to sound too cliqued or anything, but High school really…show more content…
I didn't learn until my sophomore year about the systematic bias many Asians face in America, but it wasn't just the typical stereotypes, but also how it affects Asians in real life. I guess I had a coming of age experience in my sophomore year because I was exposed to articles whilst researching for my class about how Asians can possibly face discrimination in college admissions, like how they are described as straight A's robots who have nothing else of importance to their lives besides their good grades. The article made a point that colleges adopted a holistic admissions process which meant admission wasn't just based on GPA and SAT scores. Today, a varsity sports letter is more important than a 4.0 GPA. I basically evaluated my life after reading the article, I basically had no life after school, had very little friends and had a bland fashion sense. I actually didn't have a fashion sense as I would repeat an outfit of a hoodie and jeans for everyday of the week. I was mostly distraught because I knew I was a stereotypical Asian according to society and I believed it affected me socially and possibly academically in the
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