Admissions Officer: A Career In Pursuing A Career

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Richard Mera 8548 Holden Rd. Santee, Ca 92071 September 23, 2015 University of California Admissions Office 9500 Gilman Dr. La Jolla, CA 92093 Dear Admissions Officer: My father came to the U.S. when he was only 17 years old and had many difficulties in pursuing his career. As a child all I can remember was that my father studied and worked hard. I want to be the first generation of my family to be born here and attend college here. All I have ever wanted was to go to college and become a pilot. Now in my senior year of high school, I see my chance to make my dream come true. All I have ever wanted was to be successful and make my parents proud. Currently I am trying to make my grades the best they can be to show that I am capable of attending…show more content…
I have always loved math and it always came easy to me. Now, I see this is a gift that I should use to my ability to pursue a career in becoming a certified public accountant. Every family member from my grandfather to my uncles have been CPA’s or engineers and I wish to follow that to an extent. I plan on becoming a pilot, but want to venture into the realm of having a more realistic job. Even at this point I am considering tutoring when in college. I have already started to teach a close friend pre-calc and it is a rewarding experience to help someone better their grade and knowledge on a material. Helping my close friend allows me to see the importance of having someone that can communicate clearly. My understanding of the material allows me to explain the steps clearly. Like my father and math teacher Mr.Sklenicka said “the only way to fully master a concept is to teach it to someone else, if they understand then you really know what you are doing.” These words motivate me to further my understanding in math. Knowing that someone is depending on my knowledge of the material, has encouraged me to not only study the math that I am learning currently, but to go back and review. If I did not have anyone relying on me, I honestly would not take the time out of my day to go back and review. If at any point my friend no longer needs me to tutor them, I would continue

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