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The Everest disaster of 96 happened on May 1996, when eight people caught in a blizzard died on Mount Everest on an attempt to descend from the summit. Over the entire season, 12 people died trying to reach the summit, making it the deadliest day and year on Mount Everest. There were 3 expeditions attempting to reach the summit of Mount Everest, Adventure Consultants (led by Rob Hall), Mountain Madness (led by Scott Fischer), Taiwanese Expedition (led by Makalu Gau). With a total of 33 climbers, while 19 climbers get trapped in the Death Zone due to a sudden storm. Climbers up on the Mountain had to make tough decisions that often inflicted upon other people, other decisions led to them finding other Mountaineers on Everest. Therefore, entire…show more content…
He is also a British mountain climber. Which in fact he has climbed Mount Everest several of times. Woodall was the leader of the controversial first South African expedition, but only one person who died in the group. The expedition reached camp four, but they weren’t directly involved in the Everest disaster. Woodall reached the peak of Everest by 10am. Four others on his team already done so by 11am. While on the mountain, Ian would not let Rob Hall have the super powerful radio in order to coordinate rescue efforts so that they could help dying people off the mountain. Even though Ian knew that there were dying people he still wouldn’t let Hall have the radio to contact rescue efforts. "The entire nation rallied behind the expedition. 'Woodall proposed the project at a really fortuitous time,'" (p99). "Woodall's numerous deceits became an international scandal" (p101). Woodall stated that "the South Africans would go to the top whenever they damn well pleased.” Choices really can inflict on other people. Woodall did not make the greatest of choices at all. An easy decision would’ve been to give Hall the radio so they could get rescue efforts on the mountain save the people from dying, but instead he looked out for only but

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