Ideal Education System Essay

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An education system comprises laws and policies, infrastructure, personnel, learning resources and so forth relating to public schooling from pre-primary to secondary school level (Glossary of Education Reform, 2013). It is difficult to define because it is a multidimensional scheme of many different elements (Glossary of Education Reform, 2013). In the best case scenario pupils who go through the education system should be equipped with the skills to undertake tertiary education if they have the capacity to do so or enter the working world. There are a few essential components an education system requires for this to be possible. Despite the fact that the right of access to primary education is enshrined in several international law instruments, including the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (Save the Children, 2008), many children remain without access to good quality education for numerous reasons ranging from economic to social issues. In an ideal education system, the right to education is safeguarded because the human rights of children are of paramount concern. In a perfect world, all children would have equal access to good education thereby eradicating the need for there to be separate public and private education. South Africa has experienced a country-wide proliferation of low-cost private…show more content…
Significantly, the state should be able to provide all children, regardless of their background and circumstances, with a solid educational foundation to pursue their career goals and become productive citizens in society. At its core, human rights concerns inform the laws and policies governing a perfect education system in order to safeguard the rights of children to basic education. Essentially, no child would be left behind when it comes to
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