The Controllability: Success And Failure

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There are many reasons one can use when exploring and understanding the notion of failure to explain why some people fail and why others succeed. There are numerous schools of thought when it comes to determining which factors affect people in terms of their motivation to succeed and why some people seem to completely lack motivation and still manage to succeed. Success and failure is, of course, subjective, and so these studies base their findings on general consensus and common perceptions of success and failure. Amanda has failed her first year courses. This essay will try to discuss and provide reasons as to why Amanda has failed by explaining and applying the numerous theories that fall under the title of attitudes and attributes. The…show more content…
Behaviour is believed to be situational (Kelly & Michela 1980). This means that one’s circumstances alter one’s behaviour. This links to Stability as it depends on circumstances and whether they are constant. If one’s environment is a volatile one, it is unstable and so, behaviour is unstable. A sudden or traumatic change in Amanda’s home situation will result in a change in her behaviour which will impact her work ethic. If Amanda comes from a household where academics is heavily enforced, and she is studying against her wishes or is in a degree that is not the one she wants to study, she may be rebellious and be purposely sabotaging her studies or she may just simply believe that she does not have the ability to be successful in this degree and so her self – esteem decreases exponentially. This leads to demotivation and possibly even depression. It is possible that if Amanda has experienced a trauma (her parents divorcing, a family member passing away etc.) she may see her studies as a minor issue. She may also just not be able to cope with said trauma and needs help from a psychologist but her pride is stopping her from seeking help. Another likely possibility is that because Amanda has a busy social life and is always out partying, she may have tried to go out less around the exam period in order to study. Her subconscious is not used to this and so she is unable to study effectively despite her efforts. Her behaviour here is unstable and this causes her to be unable to reach or accomplish her goals , which is why she

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