Archidamus 'Idea Of Courage In Socrates Thucydides'

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This essay aims to analyse Archidamus’ conception of courage in relation to the ideals of shame, self- control, good- judgement and moderation. Thereafter I will proceed to compare and contrast these ideals with those embodied by the future guardians in Socrates ideal city, and conclude with my verdict, that is, why I feel the demographics in both texts are likely to resemble each other, more than not. According to Thucydides, Archidamus is intellectual and moderate- “[he] had a reputation for intelligence and prudence, came forward and spoke,” (p.25). The language used in the speech is one to do with preparation and experience based on military and monetary capabilities, and men- Archidamus admits that Sparta is not ready to fight a war; “Unprepared as we are, where could we get the confidence to…show more content…
Archidamus sees courage as the Spartites being slow and steady, and preparing for potential war instead of freshly instigating it. Spartans should not be incited by the happenings with the Athenians, or any of their allies in order to avoid shame, and should never be inflated by the pleasures of praise, and end up not making good- judgement. According to Archidamus, the Spartites will come off as more courageous if they make good- judgement, in that, in all they do, they should do so “without implying too clearly whether [they] plan to make war…and use the time to prepare [forces]” (p.26). Courage is related to self- control, good- judgement, shame and moderation through the fact that Archidamus is reiterating that Sparta should not yield to Athenian injustice. Courage is good- judgement, especially, and this is through the fact that Archidamus is being cautious (he wishes to limit the intensity and duration of the potential war) - he is aware of Sparta’s financial and military limitations, instead of holding back and surrendering his states’ position, he faces the likelihood of war with courage, and does so,

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