Personal Narrative Essay: She Is The Love Of My Life

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Warren She was the love of my life and she was whisked away from me like candy before dinner. Mary and I had arrived at the airport and unlocked our car. It was late night in Long Island, New York and the parking lot was practically empty. We started driving home from our honeymoon in the beautiful Bahamas. I had nodded off on the plane and was my brain felt as if it was clogged with molasses. I had married Mary a few months ago and we were both from fairly rich families. We owned a luxurious apartment on Long Island and were living a great life. Everything was going fine with our relationship until that one fateful night in mid summer as we drove towards home. We were on a wooded highway and it was just about as empty as the parking lot. Then…show more content…
I decided on some land in the top right of the abandoned lot this garden was grown in. I started to plant my seeds and many people came to me asking me if I was new to the neighborhood because as I mentioned, not many people knew I lived here. They asked me questions about me and past experiences but I didn’t feel so comfortable about telling them that. When they got the message that I don’t like to talk a lot they walked away and did their own gardening. I continued reading the planting instructions off the paper I’d printed and when I was done planting the seeds, I felt a sense of accomplishment that I had not felt for a long time. I went home and watched more TV until it was midnight and I decided to go to bed. The next day I watered the plants and more people tried to talk to me. I still pushed them away but I felt guiltier that time because those people just wanted to share a friendship with me. Over the next few days, while I was tending to my eggplant I actually talked to the people instead of pushing them away. It felt good to have friends in this strange place. Every day I added new decorations to my garden and stayed longer to talk with patrons at the garden. Finally after a few weeks the eggplants failed to rebound my fingernail when I pressed it into them. That meant that they were ready to harvest and to be eaten or

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