Persuasive Essay: Stories On Friendship And Forgiveness?

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Stories on Friendship and Forgiveness Want your child to master the art of forgiveness? Read on to find inspiring stories that make it breezy to addressing conflicts with friends Friends are such an integral part of your child's life that they will shape his future character--more than you do as parents, the latest research says. Your child's friends mean a lot to her and only by interacting with her friends, she gains important social skills and learns to address conflicts. Conflicts are part-and-parcel of everyday life, but a child who has mastered the art of managing conflicts tends to be happier and better at school. Elementary age children often lock horns for simple reasons that may seem silly to an adult's eye. They do it because…show more content…
* How did Victor save himself in a dangerous situation? Fighting over the same toy is the classic conflict situation that every parent has to face. With the story of Two Goats and a Bridge, you can show your child that sharing and taking turns will make her friendship stronger. Two Goats and a Bridge There lived many goats in a grassy field. A big stream ran nearby with a narrow log as a bridge across it. One day, a goat started walking over the bridge to reach the other side. About mid way, it met another goat trying to cross the bridge from the other side. Both of them wanted to go first and none was ready to leave a way for the other. They soon got into an argument which turned into a physical fight. They tried to shove each other with their strong horns and lost balance. Seeing that there is no way around other than drowning, one goat agreed to lie down for the other goat to climb upon and reach the other side. The goat that crossed first also agreed to let the other goat cross first the next time. Points of Discussion * What will happen if none of the goats agreed to give in? * Why it is better to share and take turns? Emphasize that otherwise little conflicts will ruin her

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