The Importance Of Liberal Education

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Many aspects of education have incorporated a liberal way of educating and has caused somewhat of a debate on whether or not this way of teaching should continue to be used. A liberal education entails an education geared around the use of critical thinking skills, using research as a process in gathering sources, involving yourself with real world problems, and developing collaborative skills. These are the core aspects that shape a liberal education and its focus, however many people do not view these aspects as crucial to an education in today’s society. We have gone over many articles pertaining to liberal education, and they all have a similar theme when talking about it. “Reclaiming the Core: Liberal Education in the Twenty-First Century”,…show more content…
In “Reclaiming the Core: Liberal Education in the Twenty-First Century” it supports this claim by saying that, “It is indeed still practical education, but practical in the original, most radical sense of the word: Its chief project is to cultivate the practical wisdom that is essential for living well and that comes through sustained reflection on the most important questions that we face as human beings” (Pangle 208). This is a strong claim saying that a liberal education in fact qualifies as a sufficient education, allowing us to seek through education to better ourselves mentally and live a good, educated life. Skills like these aren’t learned or taught easily, so incorporating these skills into education can only benefit a…show more content…
In “Kierkegaard and Liberal Education as a Way of Life”, there is an emphasis on the knowledge of a way of living being influenced by a person's ethical values. This article talks about two facts: knowing and willing. The article defines knowing as the cultivation of critical thinking and then willing as using your ideals from “living” and incorporating it into your life. These are ideals that key in on who you are as a person, exposing your intentions and knowledge in the world. “To exist is to become a self, and this requires appropriation of ethical and religious truth” (Gary 154). This excerpt from Kierkegaard successfully describes the point the article is trying to make. Ethical values are important in a person's education. It allows them to really look into themselves and engage themselves in the life they desire. A liberal education is eh=nhaced with the incorporation of these

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