Impact Of Mass Tourism

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According to Tribe article, “Tourism is not an old subject of research and activity in universities, but despite its relative youth, it has already generated substantial amounts of knowledge. For example Annals of Tourism Research has been producing articles since 1973. The number of specialist research journals stands at over 50 and a recent search of the CABI(Center for Agriculture and Biosciences International) abstract service revealed the existence of around 50,000 items (mainly articles but also including books and chapters) recorded under the subject head of tourism. Amazon lists over 7500 book titles that include the word tourism” (Tribe, 2009: 5). However, it is undeniable that there should be more researches in more connected fields,…show more content…
Because of its importance, it is not surprising that geographers have explored tourism as a field of research. A scan of the table of contents of recent volumes published by geographers reveals a common view of the substantive and theoretical domain of tourism studies in the discipline” (Britton, 1990:1). Hence, Tourism became attractive for scholars in other fields of study. Different diagrams and maps were made by geographers according to some evidences and predictions about tourism destinations to pursue interaction between tourist and environment. Economic impacts of mass tourism was significant for different businesses, therefor, the focus of their attention came to tourism. As job generator, the attention of governments were grabbed by tourism, they would profit in many…show more content…
“This is not to say that there was no other serious research and writing about tourism but by and large the contributions from other discipline areas were far more fragmentary. For example, Butler (1980), from a geographic perspective, published his work on tourism area life cycles based on research from the late 1970s, Cohen (1972) and MacCannell (1973) were contributing to an understanding of the sociology and social dimensions of tourism even earlier, and as early as the 1940s scholars such as Brunner (1945) and Pimlott (1947) were writing about the development of tourism from an historical and social perspective” (Tribe & Airey, 2007:

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