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When going hiking, most people know not to wear sandals, just as most wouldn’t wear winter boots to the beach. Footwear products are made for specific use, and are often times, not interchangeable. Wearing sandals on a hike would leave a person’s feet blistered and cut up, and winter boots at the beach would be hot, and soon full of sand. Numerous examples could be named, but the point still remains the same: when anyone needs to do anything, they want shoes made for the job. The sporting goods company, Adidas, recognizes this as well and uses it to their advantage in their advertisements. Adidas claims that they have the best sports shoes on the market, and that other brands are not made at such a high quality. Shoes that aren't high quality…show more content…
The company was founded in Germany in the year 1924 by Adolf Dassler. The company was off to a phenomenal start with Dassler’s invention of the cleat. The innovation set a new standard for sports and sportswear. Athletes began to rely on Adidas to make them perform better in their games. After some years, Adidas made another incredible break through that would survive the test of time with the new design of the soccer ball. On television, still being black and white, a brown soccer ball was hard to see. Adidas changed the design to the standard black and white ball that is known today to help viewers be able to see (“History”). Adidas has shaped sporting goods of all kinds for nearly a century, leaving them with a very solid reputation, and assuring athletes they are reliable. These innovations were some time ago, the generations of that time have, for the most part, come and gone, but the Adidas company still strives to reinstate their level of quality through their advertisements to show athletes everywhere that Adidas is still…show more content…
All people have experienced pain of some sort, and all have, and will experience injury of some kind. Injury is a part of life, weather only minor, or more major, it is inevitable. Injury is not, however, something people look forward to, and rightfully so, because with injury comes pain of varying degrees. Logically, precautions are taken to avoid injury as much as possible. Through the advertisement Adidas uses appeal to logic by allowing yet another way to prevent injury. The company claims to support athletes feet better than other companies making them the best choice for footwear needs. The advertisement does not only appeal to the logical thinking of athletes, high school students have who want their kids to be protected on the field and perform to the best of their ability. Even if the player is not so easily swayed, if parents are lead to believe that the Adidas shoe is superior they will be more inclined to purchase them for their

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