Costless Higher Education By Kevin Carey

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Costless Higher Education A numerous number of journalists have recently suggested that higher education has become something of a necessity, but in the end really is not worth it. Many suggest that higher education lacks superb teaching along with the fact that it is blatantly expensive. The students going to college will go for four years just to end up with a poor degree and excessive debt. The aspect that is unique to successful higher education is the teaching and how it will be applied to the major the student is going for. Along, with that the quality of the education the students receive, as well as the involvement of the faculty with the students. But where the true problem lies comes before any of that education even comes into play.…show more content…
. Hacker and Dreifus write in their essay “they should become more thoughtful and interesting people” (180). They are basically saying the higher the intellect of a student the better they will be. Students will no longer be paying for their education, so they will get into school based purely on specific qualifications. Here is how the process will begin; all public schools will be made to be for-profit. Education writer Kevin Carey himself writes, "that doesn't mean for-profit higher education is inherently bad" (219). So just because a school is all about money doesn't mean they will provide poor education. This also means that they will automatically want to make cuts towards spending. However, their cost will be publicly paid for by taxes. America will set up a system where the schools that perform the highest and receive the most educated students get the most funding for educational…show more content…
Instead of competing for money, the schools will be competing for intelligence, learning capabilities, and hard work. Now the schools will become more selective, so this will also create an environment of high competition, and you can now get into these schools that don't take your money into account, but rather intellect. While it is obvious that these public schools will more than likely not have the same level of education than that of the higher end private schools will, it will also make private schools more cost efficient. After all, even if you provide an outstanding level of education, if public schools offer education for free, you need to dramatically reduce the tuition for more people to attend. In the end, education isn't so much a product as it is a way towards upward living, and the people that need education the most are the people who cannot afford it, and by keeping it free for all, you will have an absolute meritocracy in college acceptances, which in the end is very

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