The Pros And Cons Of Fred Korematsu

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Fred Korematsu was a man of Japanese and American descent who was arrested for disobeying a military order directed at the residents of California, Oregon and Washington who were born in Japan or U.S. citizens of Japanese descent. Therefore, those that were Japanese had to abandon the comfort of their homes, leave most of their belongings and report to an “assembly center” with one suitcase. The government had already constructed “relocation centers” and internment camps for those that were Japanese primarily because they were being perceived as a threat towards Americans. Furthermore, all of these accusations were due to the fact that Americans believed that there were Japanese spies in Hawaii and they had initiated the Pearl Harbor attack. However, they did not force those that were Japanese in Hawaii evacuate mainly because they made up most of the general population and contribute a lot to the workforce and also the economy. Thus, because of Supreme Court records historians are able to document and use them…show more content…
In essence, there are many benefits of using supreme court records as a historical source. According to the Bedford reader in American history, one of the advantages of using the supreme court records as a historical is that it aided in expanding our knowledge “beyond the specifics of Japanese internment and grasp the larger legal precedents that were established by this wartime incident.” (201) Also, as the previously mentioned book says, the records cannot be used “as a measure of popular opinion.” (202) This tells us that the supreme court records are not from the perspective of average Americans. Another advantage of using supreme court records as a historical source is that they provide us with precise and accurate summaries of facts about the “under dispute in the case and the constitutional principles and established precedents that shaped the justices’ ruling on those facts.” (202) Although, there are advantages to

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