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Project One: Primate Observation of a Focal Individual By:Faith Comerer The primate I chose to do for my project one was a White Handed Gibbon.Named Joleen. Joleen is a female Gibbon . She is 33 years old. She was born at the Sequoia Zoo in 1983 and has lived there her whole life. Her mother and her were able to live together for about three weeks before an unseen consequence had them separated. She now lives with her bonded mate Bono. Bono came from Duke University. Even though they are mates they have no children together because Bono was castrated at Duke University and used as a test subject. The day that I went to the zoo was October 4. The weather was overcast and mid 60 day. I went from three o'clock until 5 ‘clock. During that time I was able to see many things from…show more content…
The zoo keeper told me that if I talked to her, Joleen would move and hout and do her tricks. So after being told that I started talking to her and she began to move around. Then some children came around and started hooting and talking to her and she began to swing on the ropes and hout and duet. In the Journal article The ecology and evolution of monogamy in the white-handed gibbon, Hylobates lar by James R Lumbard in his activity budget the wild white handed gibbons only hooted and dueted for 3% of the time he watched them. For me Joleen dueted and houted/sang for 5% of the two hours I was there. I believe that the extra 2% comes from the fact that there were people around Joleen. As when I first arrived at the zoo and sat down she did nothing but stare at me but when people came and spoke of started to hoot she would too. Even the Zookeeper said that she has been taught that when people are around and talk to her that she will do her tricks like swinging from rope to rope and hooting. In the wild the reasons why gibbons hoot or duet are because they are disturbed, for contact calls and when the are isolated

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