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The Growing version of information and communication technology (ICT) has brought in rapid changes. It has made its entry in the school education system because of its appropriateness and applicability in the use of classroom teaching. It is well known fact that the ICT has great potential for improving the teaching learning process as it facilitates individualized learning and develops problem solving skills. Educationists and teachers believe that with the help of ICT, the quality of education provided to the students can be significantly improved. The transformation of educational technology is more important in Indian context because we are having a massive deficit of access to high quality education at the primary and high school level…show more content…
But, to make use of it, firstly, the teachers need to be competent enough about the various information technologies and their potential uses. It is relevant to expose the teachers to information technology so as to realize its benefits for them and for their students. Secondly, teachers should update their knowledge and skills in using ICT as with the changing teaching methods in curriculum transaction, it is essential for teachers to adopt new technologies. To analyse the usefulness and the extent of usage of technology in schools a study was conducted in 3 schools of Ajmer district of Rajasthan which…show more content…
The accessibility and availability in terms of quality education through technology is the first priority to be taken up, as we must remember the commitment to future when we set priorities and justify the establish policies. Government schools serve the majority of children in our country as these schools have witnessed a decline in their services, though increasingly they are accessed by the poor and the marginalised. • The availability of technology in the government school visited was next to none. It was the same like any other Government school, going in the same system since years. They didn’t have a proper computer lab, leave about smart classrooms. In barely 5 classrooms children from 1 to 10th class were accommodated and the computer lab consisted of 7 computers with dirt on it showing their non-usage from months. Other than the computer lab, no such technology was seen in the school, the traditional teaching was more used with the black board and chalk fulfilling every responsibility of making digital

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