Maori Funeral Rites In The Tangi

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The Maori funeral rites is expressed with a Tangi. Where the family will come together and show their love for each other and for the person who has passed. There are many stages to the Tangi that are all very important to the Maori tradition. Since these stages are all part of their tradition, we know that they were passed down by their ancestors through many generations. Most often, these take place on a marae over a period of 3 days or more. Eventually everyone will pass. When there is no more hope less for someone and when they are not able to recover anymore there is a procedure performed. Maori believe that when someone dies. Their body should not be left on its own at any stage. There is often much debate on where the body is to be held due to the fact that everyone wants to be able to be with the person before it leaves. When someone dies somewhere away from their home they are often brought back by mourners to their ancestors land for burial. Although this depends on how high rank this person was.if the person was higher ranked, they would after visit more than one marae along the way. The spirit has to somehow leave the body peacefully, usually a priest, minister or close family member that knows the procedure will perform a…show more content…
A Tangi is very important event that takes place in the marae, so it must be well organised. A place is prepared for the body to be placed and areas of the marae are set and constructed for particular usage. Around the area where the coffin is placed, is surrounded in leaves, this represents the tupuna (ancestors). Depending on the amount of people that the person who passed knows, depends on how many people will be gathered at the marae to attend the ceremony. These numbers can range from in the hundreds or even thousands. Women are responsible for playing out of mattresses as many of the wharenui (family) will stay

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