How To Build Self Confidence Essay

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Have a Good Life with a Good Self Confidence Review For Self Confidence Self confidence is the biggest power in our life, it can give us spirit and hope for better living. The different between success and failure, it’s depends on how much confidence that you have for. No matter how great skill did you have, it’s useless when you don’t have a good self confidence. Many people find it hard to believe in themselves, they feel afraid, doubtful, embarrassed, and feel inferior than the others. This mental block can happen because of, bullying, childhood trauma, tragedy, etc. There are several factors why this mental block appears: 1. Afraid to take a risk Human is tending to avoid anything risky in their life, they don’t want to get out of the…show more content…
To much worried about the future Sometimes thinks too much hard about the future makes us afraid to move. The future is not to be feared, but to be faced with all the challenges that exist. *Write down some simple plan in your life, and try to make it happen. Success is begin with the small steps, and in the and it can lead you to many ways in your life. Building Self Confidence There are many ways to build self-confidence, including this following tips: 1. Knowing your Strengths and Weaknesses Don’t let your weaknesses destroy your dream, just develop your strength, and believe that you can do it. Many target got distracted because we just focus on our weaknesses, why don’t you change it, just focus on your strengths and make it happen. 2. Doing continuous exercise There is no limit for a person to try out, train yourself constantly in accordance with the talent that you have. Following passion is one way to encourage us to get self-confidence. 3. Create a simple target Set a big target sometimes give a burden to us, make a simple target to achieve something for our development, and do real action to realize it all. The success for achieving a simple target will lead to the next levels, and it’s good to your

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