Social Work Ethics Essay

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In this case study, social work ethics and cultural sensitivity will be used to minimise unprofessional judgements. The social workers Code of Ethics is at the core of the profession. These ethics are salient as they help in making sound judgments and decisions when working with clients from different backgrounds. When identifying the ethical obligations of Singapore social workers, one will look at the Singapore Association of Social Workers (SASW, 2004) Code of Professional Ethics. The SASW subscribes to a few basic principles and requires its members to observe them. One of the conducts that the code refers to is that as a social worker we have an ethical responsibility to the client we serve. As a social worker, we encounter clients…show more content…
This represents that when I am working this client, I could have my own personal judgement on the client and thus regard him as an irresponsible father and husband. However, I must remind myself that to help my clients to the most beneficial extent possible, I must put my own personal feelings and judgments aside. Therefore, as part of my ethical responsibility as a social worker, I should not allow my judgement contribute to discrimination. Regardless of my client’s individual qualities arising from his environment or behaviours, I need to recognise his innate worth and dignity. Thus, I should be looking at my client objectively and understand what are some of the problems that he is facing which resulted in his…show more content…
The crisis refers to the lack of family support he is facing despite facing health issues. It is also finding out about my client as a person, as well as his needs, that helps best in finding a solution to his problems. Besides that, it is important for me to look at my client’s culture beyond the context of race and ethnicity. This is because an individual is a complex tangle of everything that has multiple cultural identities which include his own functional ability, community and so

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