Essay On National Foreign Policy

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A nation foreign policy also known as foreign relation involves self-interest strategies, which are chosen by the country to safeguard its national interests as well as to attain goals within its international relations range. The approaches are employed to interact with other countries effectively (Morgenthau, 2011). A country’s foreign policy is a set of goals that outlines ho that particular country will interact on an official basis with other countries of the world and to a lesser extent, non-state actors, as well as an entire range of factors relating to those other nations including the economic, political, social and military, among others, are evaluated and monitored in attempts to maximize benefits of multilateral international cooperation. Since national interests are paramount, foreign policies are developed by the governments through high-level processes of decision-making. Foreign policies are developed by heads of governments together with the foreign minister. In some countries, creating foreign policy is the job of the head of government and foreign minister, while in others, it is the legislature. This is an exception of Finland and France where it is the head of state who is…show more content…
The mission, on the other hand, is to project, protect, to promote Kenya’s image and interest globally through an innovative diplomacy, and to contribute towards a peaceful just and equitable world (Oyugi, 2010). The objectives of the foreign policies are informed by the country’s desire for a united, peaceful and prosperous nation as embodied in the country’s national anthem, the Kenyan vision 2030 as well as the constitution. Through the objectives of the foreign policies, the country aims at safeguarding and promoting national, regional and international security and peace as well as protecting its territorial and sovereignty
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