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Anthony Israel English 1A February 21, 2015 Professor Kim "Why Sports Matter" In the essay by Wilfred Sheed titled, “Why Sports Matter” the main focus is on the concept of how sports have changed over the past 150 years. Sheed starts off his essay by talking about the background of sports, and how in England sports was an issue. He mentions that "Preachers had previously had considered sports the devil’s work" (489). This was believed by many because society thought that the time used in playing sports can be better spent by serving the Lord. Sports were considered a waste of time, the mind set of society was that the time off that was given to people should be used doing anything else rather than being involve doing it “in a rule-bound,…show more content…
However, he certainly thinks playing sports can be very important and "don`t have to be a the teachers enemy" (494). Sheed claims that "The good and the bad of sports are exquisitely balanced at the best of times" (492). The concept of sports is a complicated subject, with two aspects being money and the other aspect being the actual game. Sheed concludes his essay regarding the topic of women and sports. He comments as to whether women can handle sports like men and how far we can go into making sports equal for…show more content…
Playing sports can play a very crucial and important role by helping athletes discover who they are and where they want to be in life. Sports are not just practice and competition, they go further than that. They help build character and get you ready for plenty more obstacles you may face in your life by teaching a person a sense of discipline, team work, and how to cope with a win or a lose. Sports often help people get rid of their pains and troubles that they may be facing in their life. They help build physical health, such as self-control and diet balance. The only thing that I would have to disagree with is comment about women not being able to handle sports such as the sport of football. Some sports like he mentions can be too physically extreme, but not every woman is the same. Sheed assumes as if all women are physically and emotionally incapable to handle the hard conditions and aspects of a particular sport. In today`s era, women have proven to society that they can handle anything that men can do, so why would their ability of playing a particular sport differ from that of a man`s ability. I believe that with enough perseverance and will power, a women can stand on equal ground with the men physically and

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