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Who are you when no one's looking essay 2/17/18 Who are you when no one's looking was a book about character. The book list five endangered qualities that are vital for a strong person with good character: Courage, discipline, vision, endurance, tender love, tough love, sacrificial love, and radical love. Courage. Courage can be shown in many different ways. But courage is mainly stepping up to the plate and looking in the face or your emotional, spiritual, and physical fears. Courage in this book is finding the strength within yourself to make a change, push through to get to a main goal Discipline. Discipline in the book was being able to have self control to do the things you need to do using delayed gratification. Delayed gratification is getting all the bad things out of the way in…show more content…
In this book vision is being able to see past everything your going through in the present moment and see the final outcome of where all your hard work can get you. Vision is being able to believe in yourself and believe in what god can do for you without seeing. Vision i shaving faith at all times and holding on to the word. endurance . endurance is being able to fight though. Bill Hybels using the term moral quitting point. Your moral quitting point is something where you decide that you can't go any further. But he teaches that once you get your moral quitting point in the run then that tell you that you need to go one extra mile. Endurace is not giving up on yourself or god in tough situations. Tender love. Different people have different types of love. Tender love is where you are kind hearted and use gente words and feelings in order to show someone else love. This allows people to be able to open up to you and for you to be able to open up with others. Bill Hybels says “to learn tender heartedness, then we hardhearted people first need to being to see as god sees”. This means that we need to look at other human beings in god's eyes rather than our

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