How Does Technology Improve America Essay

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America is such a stereotypical country. Really, America judges all other countries and how they do things. America, honestly, has no room to even give an opinion. America is one of the worst countries to exist. Has anyone ever really thought about what America has really done as a whole? Really, think about it, has America given everyone the best of the best? More than once, there has been times where America has let the whole country down. However, there are much bigger things to get over. What people don't realize, is that there are 1 billion things to complain about. From the color of the shoes on their feet, to the type of car that’s being made. It is so excessive of people to complain but not do anything about the complaint. If there…show more content…
Technology has been something that has changed Americas views. It has formed America into something very different. They all say technology has improved America. In a way it truly has. It has given America so many opportunities. It has created something different in America. The technology works in a way that is much different from other things. Education revolves around technology. Kindergarteners have i-pads, middle-schoolers have laptops, high-schoolers and teachers have laptops as well. There are textbooks still, however, technology has mainly taken over schools. Textbook information is not up to date. It is crucial that people have up to date information. Doing research and trying to back something up with dependable information is very difficult these days with technology. These days anyone can put anything on the internet. Anyone can say anything they would like on the internet. It does not have to be true. It is something to keep in mind when looking for reliable information. Even news articles and magazines give out false information. A majority of information that is put out in the world is over exaggerated and drawn out of proportion. America has truly turned into something different because of technology. In a way, technology has given everyone this perception that America is becoming more and more smart by the day. Many believe that it is not in any way, shape, or form true. When people walk into a doctors

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