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Literature is the mirror of world that has no end, but it is the reflection of human life. Literature is the broadest sense of writing. It is the writing of art form with intellectual value. Literature represents a language of a people, culture and tradition. Literature is more important than a historical or a cultural artifact. Literature introduces people to new worlds of experience. Literature is the term derived from Latin word, “literature/litterautra”, which means ‘writing formed with letters’. In Dictionary, Dr. Johnson explains ‘book learning’ the meaning ‘literary production or work’ is first attested 1779 in Johnson’s Lives of the English Poets. Literature is the historical developments which provide entertainment, enlightenments…show more content…
Most attempted definitions are broad and vague and they inevitably change over time. In fact, the definition will change. Concepts of what is literature change over time as well.” The formalistic definition is that the history of “literature” foregrounds peotic effects: it is the literariness or poeticity of literature that distinguishes it from ordinary speech or other kinds of writings e.g. journalism. According to Thomas Hardy, Literature means “Times changes everything except something within us which is always surprise by change”. Many considered this is useful for the characteristics in explaining the term of material in a particular field e.g. scientific literature. The problematic with this is we don’t know the exact origin of literature. Literature was first produced by ancient Egypt and Sumaria – as early as the fourth millennium BC. From the beginning of literature poetry was first developed and that shows to beautiful sense of writers thought. Aristotle’s Poetics influenced “poetry” before the 19th century was usually less a technical designation for verse than a normative category of fictive or rhetorical art. In academic circles, the messages and the images should be getting through mythological, sociological, psychological, historical or other approach. When we read literature, the literature will travel along with us or it shows our ancient

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