Short Story: The Burning Ghats

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Lovely Guest House provided five star views of live chickens having their necks slowly sliced apart in an open shop front – the chicken’s blood spilled everywhere all over the floor, all the over the slaughter man, and much to the delight of the starving, mange-ridden cross-eyed stray dogs hovering around the spectacle, right into the gutter on the street. It was outside the shop that I met a tattered, timid 12 week old white Labrador pup. She flinched every time I went near here at first, but after feeding huer few times she started warming to me, sooking loudly everytime I went past: I called her Rachel. I headed over to the biggest tourist Destination in town; the ‘Burning Ghats’. Now for you to understand what a Ghat looks like all…show more content…
The body was first dipped in the Ganges several times, as a three foot high pile of logs near the river’s banks is set alight. By the time was body was returned to the shore, the fire was burning so fiercely you could feel it against the metal rails of the viewing platform, and in combination with everything else, my throat began to dry. It didn’t matter that the body was wet, and when it was placed on the burning logs, the man’s face was still hidden under the silk began to burn. Soon his entire body was alight, obscured by his wrapping, and all you could hear was the crackling of the wood – which if you listened close enough you would swear was it was bones breaking in half. Just then an arm slipped out from outside the burning silk, and it too caught alight. t first formed a crust, then began to melt off like plastic, revealing a batch of red raw flesh before it too blackened. At that stage, the smell of kind of like a minor bushfire became so pervasive my breath became labored.I then had to take my hands off the metal railings because the flames got too hot, I found what I had been looking for – Mr Young-Tourist; whose opening line was “It’s fucking brutal isn’t it.” Mr Young Tourist, first name Steven had long blonde, wavy hair and wore a strained,

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