Magic Carpet Case Study

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“He who plants a seed, Beneath the sod; and waits to see – Believes in God.” Our Magic Carpet is produced by Bamburain, it has only one living rival, our planet, these are the only two phenomena’s that graciously give more than they get … the planet gives a thousand fold, and bamboo has a thousand uses … the human riding the carpet needs to be aware, that this carpet can whiz him through the air to health and wealth and happiness, if he just direct it where … the choice is yours will you buy some drapes to match and just put it on the floor, or will you allow it to fly over all your fences and take you where you have never been before? Fighting deforestation by planting bamboo … While you are earning, the planet is winning … It happened…show more content…
Note: This property is being added on to regularly it is now over 700 hectareas. The Company really needed to do something with this property, so, it was going to be a great day when the writer visited (Ed) one of our Founding Executive Partners and he suggested, have you ever thought of bamboo? “NO” Well he introduced us to bamboo, and three years later we are not looking back … this is where you the reader comes in … take your time and see if any of this makes sense to you … This is also where I would like to recognize our Mexican Executive Team, who had to bear the brunt of our investor assault, a lot of unpleasant, words, actions, and days. It seemed like all of the United States financial miss-deeds where somehow Mexico’s and everyone that lives here’s fault. I want to thank (Laura) and (Kelly) and (Ed) specifically as they calmed the waters, and let nature take its course … Everything has turned out better than “GOOD” I remind you the company has operated over (sixteen) years by this time completely debt free … we are still cleansing our system from people haters, and money worshippers … we will continue until the cleansing is

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