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PUBLIC RELATIONS Public relations is the building of the image of the business, this plays a major role in attracting potential customers and investors. This sector in a business is the communication anchor that handles the publicity of the company. They are responsible for managing the reputation of a company and need to have a full understanding of the target market to be able to support and influence their opinion and behaviours. With the use of media they build and manage their clients, if advertising was to not appeal to their target market the buyers might not feel comfortable or the need to purchase that businesses products. PUBLIC RELATIONS IN THE FILM In the film we see Nigel who seems to be in charge of the public relations…show more content…
At the fast pace that fashion changes they need to be aware of what their rivalries are selling or doing in the market in order to stay ahead of them at all times, making sure that they are their customers first choice at all times. If Runway was not aware of what their rivalries were doing then this would cause them to lose out on opportunities to advertise or market differently in a way that their competitors are not and maybe even make a new item which their competitors are not, all of which could influence the amount of buyers and profit the business makes. ***. Suppliers are one of the most important parts when it comes to making a product as they give you what is necessary to compose your product. Business owners and suppliers need to have a good relationship to ensure that products are delivered on time and they get the best quality possible. If the supplier did not want to supply you with materials, delivered them late or charged you a price that was not in your budget and you were not able to get your stock this would cost the business a lot of time and money, customers would lose trust in the business as they think they cannot supply clothes and move onto another business to shop from. This could have a huge effect on how much profit the company makes…show more content…
The solution to this problem is for Miranda to have a more considerate approach towards staff making it an environment where her employees look forward to coming to work. There is a tall organisational structure in place at Runway and this has its advantages and disadvantages. An advantage to this type of structure in a business is that there is little stress compared to a flat organisational structure as Miranda just needs to make sure that her assistants, in this case Andy and Emily, know what to do and how to do it, she isn’t concerned with everyone else as that job falls under the assistants job. This is beneficial as if the employees notice that Miranda or the higher management are stressed this will cause many of the staff to start having dysfunctional stress preventing them from coping and working effectively. A disadvantage is that because it is tall and Miranda has little control over what happens at the bottom of the hierarchy in her business there can be miscommunication and mistakes along the way. This can be very dangerous in a fashion business as if there is a mistake and something is done wrong there is a chance that they will not be able to meet deadlines causing the customers to lose trust in the

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