Sas Institute Case Study Extrinsic Motivation

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1.0 Introduction SAS institute is the largest software company in the world. SAS was found in 1976 and the CEO of this software company is James Goodnight. SAS (pronounced sass) is a collection of programs that are used to read data from a variety of sources (text files, Excel workbooks, various databases, etc.), to manipulate data with a very powerful programming language, and to perform various reporting and data analysis tasks (Cody, 2011). SAS has customers around the world and they can be found in almost 110 countries. SAS is used at more than 75,000 sites in 135 countries. However, its headquarters is in the United States. Their mission is to improve performance. The employees are trusted by the managers to do what is right for the company.…show more content…
In SAS Institute, the managers try to make the employees feel creative. For example, they give employees tasks such as designing a poster and so, this would make the employees feel creative and they would feel more motivated when the manager looks upon them. On the other hand, extrinsic motivation refers to someone or something making you feel motivated. Extrinsic motivation refers to the motivation to engage in an activity as a means to an end (Heinzmann, 2013). An example of the behaviour of extrinsic motivation include studying because we want a good grade or taking part in some competition to get an award. Other examples of extrinsic motivation are as follows: 1) Pay and Bonuses - Workers feel more motivated when their owners give them their pay and bonuses. If a company doesn’t give their workers bonuses or if they don’t give their pay or salary on time, workers would feel demotivated and they wouldn’t want to work in that company again. An example from the case study of SAS Institute is that employees pay and bonuses are based on their performance. This means that if they perform well in the company, they would probably get a higher pay and more bonuses and so, if an employee is working really hard, the company might provide them with their own private office. 2) Good Working

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