How Does Technology Affect Relationships

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Have you ever experienced phantom pocket vibrations? Maybe you have anxiety, according to Larry Rosen “anxiety drives this behavior… [people need] to know what is happening in [their] virtual worlds” (6). When people don’t have their phones’, they tend to get anxious and might feel vibrations when their phone isn’t even there. The fewer people use their phone the less common this is, and the less stressed they would be. Indeed, there are detriments to having technology in relationships, but there are also benefits. However, minimizing technology use would have a positive impact on relationships.Technology has a negative impact on relationships. Relationships over technology are different than in real life face to face conversations. As Rosen…show more content…
Plus individuals can't show that much empathy over text; for example someone can't hug somebody over the phone. People focus more on quantity rather than quality over technology, so it makes an exponential difference. Also, it is stated in the article "Text or Talk: Is technology Making You Lonely?" written by Margie Warrell, people "can so easily hide behind '[their] masks' online" (11). For example, people will only post the photos they want to make it seem like they have an amazing life. Or they might change how they look by filters, Photoshop, or only sharing the pictures the look the best in. People cannot have real friendships or relationships online because it takes vulnerability. The thing is people don't share that if they don't have to; there is no point when they could just have a perfect life. Without a doubt, technology disconnects and hides important information in relationships.When technology gets involved in relationships, it makes it to where there is not enough time for others in real life. Rosen said people "are constantly checking in with [their] virtual worlds, this leaves little time for [their ] real world relationships"

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