Symbolism Of Flowers In Suzanne Collins's 'Mockingjay'

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Throughout this book as well as the trilogy, there are many symbols that are significant to the book. There are multiple instances where Suzanne Collins uses a rose(s) or different types of roses, dandelions or flowers in general as a symbol. Roses have a very powerful meaning in this book which shows the readers Snow's true character. Dandelions are a symbol of hope for Katniss. Primroses show the struggle Katniss has to move on after her sister’s death. All the types of flowers are a vital and potent symbol because they have a big effect on the book Mockingjay and the trilogy. In Mockingjay, Katniss returns to her home in District 12 after the bombing. Everything is destroyed, leaving only ashes and some bricks. She visits her house and smells the white rose upstairs in her old bedroom. The rose, in this case, is a…show more content…
Prim is a cheerful, bright and lovely young girl. Unfortunately, she does not survive the war. At the end of the rebellion, the first thing that Peeta Mellark does when he returns to District 12, is collect five bushes of primroses. He plants them outside of Katniss’ house in the Victor’s Village as a small memorial to Prim. That act of kindness helped Katniss out of the lethargy she was in for months and finally started being herself. She began to pull herself together. On page 486, Katniss reacts to Peeta having bushes of primroses: “I’m about to yell vicious things at Peeta when the full name comes to me. Not plain rose but evening rose. The flower my sister was named for.” The primrose flowers have a huge impact and affect on Katniss because of her sister. They remind her of her younger sister. She’s falls into a state of depression because all she ever wanted to do was protect Prim. The primroses are a sign that she needs to be strong and needs to let go. Katniss slowly starts to recover and lets out her grief for her

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