That's What Love Is Eve Short Story

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That's what love is, Eve." Adam squeezed her hands in his and scraped his nail across her palms, staring down at his sisters with a gentleness and compassion that the man felt only for her. "Protecting the ones you care for, and doing everything possible to keep them safe and make them happy." His voice low, Adam withdrew one of his hands from Eve's and cupped her cheek in his palm, then ran it comfortingly down her back when she buried her head into his chest. "It's not what God tried to teach us, he doesn't know how to love properly, but Jerry and Betty do. They'd make the same sacrifice for us." It seemed an eternity ago that he'd first awakened to David's visage on the television screen and, ever since, he and Eve had talked openly about their intent to murder him and his sycophants. As far as Adam was concerned, but had not yet mentioned his sibling, also every sexually abusive priest they encountered on their journey, and Mother Mary Magdalene. In that time no lightning bolt had struck, the sky hadn't fallen in nor had the ground opened up and swallowed the duo. They remained safe, dry and alive as the storm raged outside.…show more content…
Or had he appraised them through the glass, then turned away when he'd witnessed that Adam and Eve were no longer scared little kids, caned and browbeaten into submission, unable to defend themselves? Had he recognised the unbreakable bond that had blossomed between the two. A bond originating in shared pain and consummated by love and physical union, so strong that it contained the potential to destroy any who moved to threaten it. Even Him.

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