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A lot of parents today understand that technology has huge benefits, but technology also provides challenges in raising their children. Every parent living in today’s digital age needs to read The Big Disconnect by Catherine Steiner-Adair. This book is a guidebook on the dangers of children who are too involved in technology. Children today are digital natives where as their parents are considered digital immigrants. When I was younger, the most I got to play on a computer was during library time which happened to be once a month. During this time, we were occasionally allowed to get on Oregon Trail or Kid’s Paint. We still had to use the Dewey Decimal System to look up books in the library too. It wasn’t until high school when my friends and I owned a cell phone and wireless internet was just coming out. Children today are being born into a world where these inventions are a part of their everyday lives. This book explores how…show more content…
The author provides straightforward advice on how to make sure technology does not become dangerous for your child. For example, the author explains how technology can threaten development of children. She claims that infants only need their parents and that they are great observers. Infants, the author explains, need their parents’ love, not the newest tech toys. Another comment the author made that I enjoyed was that children need to develop slowly. She states that building relationships are more important. I really like that she talked about this in her book because I think personally that children are growing up way too fast. This is occurring in my opinion because of the things they are exposed to and that family time has been taken out of the equation. So when the author stated that building relationships and giving children love is the most important, I completely agreed with

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