Tan Ban Eu Case Study

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Tan Ban Eu’s Background Tan Ban Eu has been venturing into lot of ventures for the past decades. But not all were successful. Tan Ban Eu has been through several of hardship before he became who he now. After leaving his job as a technology consultant at KPMG Malaysia, he started his first business at the age of 22. He created an online platform for property developers to maintain their own community portals and he able to gain some clients after a year but the business did not gain the traction he was looking for; therefore, his first business was a failure. “I guess I was still young and had no experience. I didn’t know how to sell, didn’t know how to position myself”(Tan.B.E., 2014) Then he ventured into another business which is providing the broadband services. Although his 20 pages proposal to fit out a building with WiFi was rejected, it did not discourages him to continue on his plan by approaching different developers which resulted in creation of his small company; CNX Broadband Sdn Bhd. Then REDtone International Bhd acquired 70% of Tan’s company and Tan sold everything to REDtone. Tan then ventured…show more content…
Creativity has been described as developing new methods instead of using standard procedure (Born and Altink, 1996, p.72). Tan is one of the co-founder of Offpeak.my. Offpeak.my is a website that provided an online reservation for diners to enjoy their meal and access to unlimited discount offers by the restaurant. Tan realized that the diner will only focus and make a reservation on the restaurant that they already know or familiar with only because the diners have lack of information about the other restaurant. So, Tan came out with the creative idea by introducing Offpeak.my which providing the diners with information regarding the meals and discounts offer by several of restaurant throughout

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