Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 And WALL-E

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The positive attributes of technology always seem to outweigh the negatives, but it becomes apparent that the truth rests on a different side in Ray Bradbury’s novel Fahrenheit 451, and the Disney movie, WALL-E. All of the futuristic technology that slowly begins to take over the world has a great effect on the personalities of everyday people. Another area technology causes problems in centers around the fact that people begin to get progressively less independent. Technology also serves as a distraction, causing people to become completely oblivious to their surroundings, and not caring as much about the aspects of life that truly matter. With all of the technology taking over every part of life, people begin struggling with finding themselves,…show more content…
To begin, many negative traits get added to one’s personality when they become addicted to the new futuristic technology. Research has shown that “excessive use of the Internet, cellphones and other technologies can cause us to become more impatient, impulsive and even more narcissistic” (Parker-Pope). With none of those traits having a positive role in one’s life, people should begin to see the large affect technology has when it starts taking over. One does not want to ruin their overall good nature with technology. The negative traits that invade people’s lives due to technology comes as a tragic consequences for their addiction. People should not only focus on the positive contributions that technology has in their life, it will become a rude awakening when people realize the truth. Another issue technology poses around the issue of personality changes revolves around people’s decreasing level of interest in their relationships with real life people opposed to their relationships with online friends. One’s personality becomes so heavily altered by technology that their social skills deteriorate. Many people find their “Facebook friends more interesting than those you have in real life” (Parker-Pope). The…show more content…
People no longer have to do anything due to the fact that technology does everything for them. The simple tasks that once had to be done by everyone no longer exist “and with our all-access hover chairs, even grandma can join the fun! There’s no need to walk!” (WALL-E). Since people no longer have to do something as basic as walking, they lose their ability to do so. After a long time of not doing something like as simple as that, people began to walk, they did so very slowly and showed large amounts of focus on their faces. For most people, walking comes as something they must do if they want to live their life; they no longer have to think about that task because they have done it for almost their entire life. Technology makes people less active, taking away the requirement of something like walking will lead to a lack of exercise. Obesity rates will begin to soar just because of technology’s ability to become so futuristic. Eliminating the exercise most people get daily from walking will cause major problems for the human race, and make them less and less independent as time goes on. In addition, the expectation people begin having about tasks getting completed for them causes their independence plummet. When technology shows up and takes over the tasks people generally do for themselves people continuously loose their abilities with

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