The Pros And Cons Of High School Theatre

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In the wild, many different animals fill necessary niches in order to have a thriving ecosystem. Without these roles, biodiversity would not subsist, and life would not exist as it does today. The same is true for the high school theatre. While some succeed and some fail, countless different kinds of people try their hand in a play or musical during high school, but only a few prosper and make it an important part of their lives. Modern theatre would not be the same without these members of the drama program within high school. One of the first categories of teens that leap to mind as prominent parts of the high school drama program is The Professional. Comparing The Professionals to a predator in the wilderness would be appropriate because the program could work without them, but the balance would not be quite perfect. Usually, these players are the lead or supporting lead roles. Very uncommon are a Professionals who are not wonderful to be around, as these people exude positivity and are very humble. Obviously, they are fantastic…show more content…
In the wilderness, The Entitled actor would be best compared to a parasite. Whiny and irritable, these members of a high school cast almost always emit negativity and are generally disliked. They earn their name as a result of their nature. For instance, statements such as these would be commonly uttered by The Entitled: "Well, I don't have anything to worry about during these auditions", "I can't believe he got that part over me! I'm obviously a better choice", and "I'm so sick of these chorus parts." Of course, their are those who can rightfully make such claims, but for the most part, The Entitled feel they are entitled to have whatever part they desire handed to them on a silver platter. Generally, high school theatre would be much more enjoyable without The Entitled and the outside drama that they bring to the

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