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REAEARCH PAPER A. INTRODUCTION Most of kids today spend so much time on gadgets, playing games, posting on social media, and many more, but did we know what these gadgets can cause to these children? First of all, let’s discuss what are these things called “Gadgets”. A gadget is a small technological object that does a particular function and is sometimes referred as gizmos (Breuer, 2013). Sometimes a gadget comes in a cellular phone, tablet, or even a computer, and those are the kind of gadgets we are going to discuss. These kind of gadgets are the ones that is somehow “essential” to an individual living in this kind of generation commonly known as “Generation Z”. Some Gadgets like cellular phones are on trend, biggest brands do compete each other, they showcase the best smart phone they can produce and because of that, technology advances and these kids’ urge to have a gadgets intensifies too, that’s why most of the kids today can be seen holding a smart phone, and it is not ideal, because by their age, they should be playing physical games, learning how to write, and other things that a normal child should be doing. Now, let’s discuss what are these gadgets called computer? Computers are gadgets commonly known as personal…show more content…
It is true that Gadgets are one of the biggest factors that make the children lose the chance of having a good and memorable childhood. Children’s study is very important, there, they should learn ABC, and count from 1 to 10, but what happens is that they learn how to play games first before they learn how to read and write, and that makes children more illiterate, instead of learning they lessons, they prefer to use and play with these gadgets, same as to their social life, they set aside their activeness just to prioritize gadget, and for their mental

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