How Does Social Media Affect Children

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UNIT 5 PHYSICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL IMPACTS OF TV AND INTERNET ON CHILDREN The adolescents of today are living in a highly complex socio-cultural environment in which influences and impacts have constant interplay. The spread of the mass media, combined with rapid urbanization, has been gradually blurring the distances that had earlier existed between rural and urban children…the six decades since independence have seen a flood of virtual media, responding to the profound socio-economic and cultural changes that have been taking place in the country with ever-increasing force and, in turn, influencing the direction of important changes in social mores, tastes, attitudes etc. and the media reflect the stresses and uncertainties faced by society…show more content…
Social anxiety implies that one is worried about the self and consequently is inhibited in face-to-face social interactions. There are two hypotheses on the relationship between social anxiety and online communication. The social compensation hypothesis assumes that it is mainly socially anxious adolescents who turn to online conversation. The reduced audiovisual cues of the Internet may help these adolescents overcome the inhibitions they typically experience in real-life interactions. The opposite hypothesis—the rich-get-richer hypothesis states that it is primarily socially competent adolescents who use the Internet for online communication. These adolescents, who already have strong social skills, may consider the Internet as just another venue to get in touch with peers (Kraut, Kiesler, Boneva, Cummings, Helgeson, & Crawford,…show more content…
And the table suggests that 136(65%) heavy users and 44(48.4%) light users are affected. Heavy users have persuasive influence of audio visual media. Captivated by the ideas they get from the screens they change their dressing, behaviour, eating etc. They like to spend their spare time on online or watching TV which makes them so lazy that they do not want to go outside and play. Most of their time is actually wasted in front of the screens. This time could have been used in getting physically active in some games, cycling, meeting a friend outside, playing with the children in the colony and with neighbouring children etc. Figure 5.4 Table 5.15 Addiction to TV and Internet Response Frequency Percent Yes

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