Pros And Cons Of Land Acquisition

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CHAPTER FIVE: CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS This research examined how valuation, compensation practices were being carried out for delivering peri-urban land and attached properties for public purpose in the study area. The findings of the study ascertain that the problems associated with the legal, technical and institutional aspects of compulsory land acquisition in Modjo town peri-urban land valuation and compensation are numerous and the practices are full of inconsistencies, unfairness, and are not standardized. There are procedural problems in implementing the law regarding compulsorily acquiring land such as lack of advance notice and expropriation order for the affected people, lack of participation by the affected people in the processes including the valuation processes. The lack of comprehensive resettlement and rehabilitation…show more content…
This chapter has conclusions and recommendation. 5.1 Conclusion Both in the Federal and Oromia Constitutions, it is clearly provided that the amount of compensation must be “commensurate” to the value of the private property taken by the way of expropriation. In the Federal Expropriation and Compensation Proclamation and Regulations, it has been provided that displacement compensation to be paid to the farmers displaced as a result of expropriation should not gone over the average revenue gained from the land for the past five years which must be multiplied by 10 future years. The question here is that it does not give logic as to why calculation basis is provided to be five years back and why only ten years while the farmers have lifetime use rights over their landholding. The compensation calculation formula provided in the law is baseless as it does not have either scientific or practical justifications. The displaced

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