Narrative Essay About A Senior Trip

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It was spring. my sister Charlotte and I had just graduated from high school. Since we were homeschooled we were expected to plan our own senior trip. I loved playing in water and my dream was to see the ocean, but our budget could not support that. Charlotte wanted to go to Colorado, where we could stay with family and take a tour of the surroundings. She favored this idea because it was the cheapest trip we could take. I thought that was dull and uninteresting. It was our senior trip, we only get one, and I wanted to at least travel somewhere we had never been before. Charlotte then suggested Worlds of Fun. It was within our budget and it was a new place to discover. I would accept only if we went to Oceans of Fun in addition to Worlds of Fun. I did research on…show more content…
We sought out roller coasters that were previously suggested to us because they did not spin or go upside down. The first one on our list was called the mamba it is the tallest coaster in the park. I was confident I could ride the Mamba without getting sick, however the announcer decided to wane my confidence. As I stepped into the cart and got buckled in the announcer began their typical spiel. She went over safety rules and facts about the roller coaster, all which I ignore out of eagerness for the sheer speed I was about to encounter. Suddenly I hear her say, “The Mamba will be going upside down not once, not twice…” I panicked and thought “no, release me from this prison of torture, I did not sign up for this.” She finishes her statement saying “…but never, enjoy the ride everyone” I was dumbfounded and aggravated that I fell for that. Then the carts began to move slowly but steadily up the long climb. Higher and higher up the track until we got to the top where I could see the entire park and beyond. The moment the cart stalled at the top of the incline and I admired the scenery while impatiently expecting the drop was all I needed to fall in love with the

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