Pop Culture's Influence On American Society

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Pop Culture’s grasp on American Society The role that the media plays on the trends in our society is vast. This could include but is not limited to fashion, television, music, movies, news outlets and celebrities. With violence, sexual content and adult behavior available to the youth so easily, it’s no wonder why children are growing up more quickly and developing into young adults at younger and younger ages. It’s not just children who are being impacted through pop culture but adults as well. Adults have grown up being molded into who they are based on what they have experienced in their childhood. Whether the results are positive or negative depend greatly on the influences in their personal lives. Pop culture has shaped society both positively and negatively throughout the more recent decades in America by use of the news media, social media and entertainment. Many young girls look at fashion as less is more. This is due to the outpour of critiques on women in society and how they are portrayed in music videos, movies and the media. Women have experienced a harsh reality through these different outlets. They are being labeled as too big or too thin, too tall or too…show more content…
Some programs are having a positive effect on our society as a whole. There are informative pieces that introduce us to information beyond our grasp and teach us lessons that we could otherwise not receive. An example for our youth would be Sesame Street. Sesame Street is an educational program for children that teaches literacy, respect, and friendship and keeps children interested through fun and games. Some of the negative affects these trends can have might include child obesity, eating disorders, violence in schools or at home, a lack in self-worth and many more. How do we as a society change what is happening? I think the first step is to become aware of these trends, their effects and how we can adjust them for the greater

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