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According to the video “Born good? Babies help unlock the origins of morality” babies are born with different instincts of morality. Some of the babies in the video choose the stuffed animals according to their preferences. For example; when the babies choose the cheerios, and also choose the stuffed animal that preferred the cheerios. Also, when the children choose the stuffed animals they felt were similar to them. A few of them preferred the stuffed animal that helped the other to open the box. And others choose the animal that close the box instead of helping the stuffed animal who was struggling to open the box. According to this video babies are born with kindness, bigotry, and selfishness and all of this is part of nature, which decrease…show more content…
According to Damon (1977-1988) “Anita E. Woolfolk and Nancy Perry, 2011 “Child and Adolescent Development 1st edition (Pg. 398)” Children of ages 5-6 believes that children should be all treated equally, while children of ages 6-7 believes that children who do more jobs, and work harder than others should have the benefit of being treated differently because of their merits. In the other hand, children of age 8 are able to recognize that other children need more than them because those children require special needs. Kohlberg uses his 3 levels of moral development to explain how children react to difficult situations. In level 1-Pre-conventional- the child judgments are based on his/her needs. They fear to get caught, and the punishment for doing the wrong thing. In level 2-Conventional- the child thinks first about not breaking the law and also thinks about his family. In difficult situation he/she might think that it is wrong to steal because it is against the law, but also thinks about the situation of a person who need what the person has stolen to help a family in need. The child might think that it’s okay to do it because that person is doing it to help someone in need, as long that person pay later for what he/she has stolen. In level 3-Post-conventional- the child do the right thing because of the values he/she holds and also following the law and it is the right thing to do for

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