Comparison Of Coca Cola And Pepsi

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The major competitors of Coca Cola brand is Pepsi. Pepsi is major and close competitor that I can identify because they are in same beverage industry that sells carbonated soft drink. Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola has the same core benefit for their products, which is to quench the thirst of their consumers as well as selling a non-alcoholic soft drink. Core benefit is the basic need or want that consumers satisfy by taking the product or service (Keller, 2012). It is produced and manufactured by PepsiCo. Pepsi also the top brand but less popular around the world as compare to Coca Cola. Pepsi Company currently operates in over 200 countries and territories, diversity and inclusion are that essential for Pepsi growth and success. The brand positioning…show more content…
It’s mean the different between the flavour qualities of the product. Quality is the important things to build trust among customers. Coke and Pepsi taste quite similar but their flavour not exactly same. As mentioned before in this study, Pepsi Cola has a taste of citrust in the drink while Coca Cola has a more raisin and vanilla in their product. The ingredients of these products also can be differentiated. The taste are different which is Pepsi is better with blind taste that good for health while Coca Cola sweeter than Pepsi that not good to drink regularly. Coca Cola is a much fizzier drink due to its high percentage of carbonation in comparison to Pepsi Cola. Other than that, according to an article written on Soft Drink Face Off website, on the surface the product looks different with Coca Cola using the familiar red label with the iconic Coca Cola writing and Pepsi with the blue, white and red stripes as the background with a Pepsi writing (2013). Their logos are different to differentiate them. Pepsi uses more branding technique compare to Coca Cola and they changed the logo every year. Coca Cola still have the same logo. They have their own uniqueness and meaningful of brand…show more content…
For example, Coca Cola’s iconic contour shaped bottle that was patented in 1915. Not to mention the company of Pepsi Cola does not only focus on beverages but has reaping in revenue from their flagship food, mainly chips products. Despite the differences, vast consumers lean towards Coca Cola more than Pepsi which can be concluded that Coca Cola’s branding is much more precious (Lubin,

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