Essay On Negative Effects Of Technology

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Although technology has contributed to western society, it has become detrimental due to the invention of the internet, which in turn has caused excessive usage. Iacovelli, Anthony, and Stavros, Valenti. “Internet Addiction’s Effect on Likeability and Rapport.” Computers in Human Behavior 25.2 (2009): 439-43. Print. This article talks about how the internet affects communication skills among people, and how the internet can be detrimental to people’s social skills. Moreover, it compares internet communication with face to face communication, and describes how face to face interaction may be more beneficial than communication through the internet. People who use the internet excessively may begin to lack special communication skills gathered…show more content…
"Children's Exposure to Negative Internet Content: Effects of Family Context." Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media 49.4 (2005): 488-509. Print. This article talks about the negative effects of technology on children, specifically on their health and safety. It talks about how technology affects the life around children, specifically in their families. A survey was conducted on many families to see the effects technology had on children, and the results are laid out in this article. This article also talks about the parents’ response to these effect and possible solutions to the problem of the internet. This article will be beneficial to my research paper because it specifically talks about my topic. It highlights the negative effects of the internet on children, not just adolescents nor adults. This is important because it targets a different age group. It will talk about how technology and the internet has had negative effects over time, specifically on children, and the possible long term effects once the children grow up. It also gives possible solutions to this problem which will give insight to parents and people in general on how to combat these negative
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