How Does Media Influence Social Change

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Today, media is so powerful that it could shape and influence people’s attitudes, beliefs, values, and lifestyles. It is so powerful that it could bring social change to the society through the use of multimedia to disseminate informations and advocate social change. Some examples of this wherein media was being used for a change are the use of Facebook to post the disagreement of people to death penalty wherein people would want to stop this death penalty and the use of facebook, twitter, and other social apps on mobile devices or computer to disseminate information of having a rally about Duterte’s Drug War on National protest day happening in Luneta, while there are other more current issues, these two current issues are only some examples…show more content…
Also, as observed by the managing director of Nielsen Philippines, people now consume media content through multiple screen , from mobile devices to computer to TV. Hence, as shifting in the consumption of media is now a common behavior among digital users, these days, 8 out of 10 Filipinos consume media content through multiple screen. According to the Cross-Platform report, among the media formats, consistency is observed on online consumption throughout the day on different devices and 7 out of 10 digital users in Philippines report watches movies via online sources such as video-on-demand, examples of this are podcasting and vodcasting. Hence, as more Filipinos digital users rely on online sources, it is also prevalent in these days that Filipinos are also being affected by the online video advertising, wherein companies pay web host in exchange of placing advertisements to promote and to attract people to their products and sales, and as report showed, 62 out of 100 percent of Filipinos digital users have purchased products they see on online video advertising from a laptop or desktop computer and 49 out of 100 percent of Filipinos digital users have purchased products they see on online video advertising from their smartphones or mobile…show more content…
According to the Survey on Internet Access and Use By Filipino Children, the Department of Education (DepED) has a program that provides computer packages to public schools, but it is only limited to the public high schools, public elementary schools are not accessible to the program. It is also stated that 51 out of 100 percent of schoolchildren reported that they are not computer literate because they are not using the Internet. Hence, computer literacy should be included in the school curriculum especially in public schools where more schoolchildren are not computer literate. With this situation, majority of schoolchildren are not computer literate in the Philippines must be a issue that need to be discussed in present, since in present time, it is now era of information and technology ,media, information literacy are important to the development of society; society is to a greater extent dependent on digital literacy. Therefore, for the Filipino youth to have competitiveness and to survive in high level of competitiveness, appropriate education on computer

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