Amelia Earhart Greatest Achievements

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It is the morning of June 18th in 1928 and the local news and radio stations are buzzing with the newest story. Amelia Earhart set the world record for flying solo across the Atlantic ocean, this was groundbreaking for women at the time it be known the fact that women can do anything they set their minds to if they try hard enough, into the mind of the world at large. Amelia Earhart was an American Aviator and one of the first women in the field ultimately breaking 21 records over the course of her short career. Amelia Earhart took the world by storm as a face of change for the 20th century. Earhart’s greatest achievements begin with her successes in redefining gender roles. At the time women were expected to bow down to the husband after…show more content…
This started when she set the world record for flight distance, becoming“ the first person to fly solo from Hawaii to the United States mainland in 1935.” (“Biography of...” 9). She solitarily flew across the Pacific Ocean, and avoided storms and other challenges that even modern aviators and sailors with a whole crew struggle against occasionally. She also made multiple attempts at becoming the first person to fly around the globe, “On June 1, 1937, Amelia Earhart took off from Oakland, California, on an eastbound flight around the world. It was her second attempt to become the first pilot ever to circumnavigate the globe.” (“Biography of…”9). She would not ever get to be the person who held that record, but her efforts paved the way and showed all who followed in her footsteps that it was right at their fingertips, and the goal was not…show more content…
She rewrote the way women were perceived and set into motion countless women in hunting of in their own ambitions. She changed the way aviators of both sexes by allowing their technology to be pushed to its limits and beyond. As well as finally, reminding the world that technology is an ally that should be respected and not taken for granted. While, “Only about 450 women worldwide are airline captains.” (CNN, 8). Despite the feild of aviation still having its fair share of speed bumps (“Airline Safety”) Hundreds of thousands of women today occupy the support team of the pilots male or female, without those women who maybe didn’t follow exactly in Earhart’s footsteps, but still chose to provide their services to those who did, flying would be impossible to

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