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The first newspaper, “Publik Occurrences,” was created in 1690 just outside of Boston. Since this development, newspapers have served both local communities and the world at large. There are three major types of news: local, national, and international. Local news is paramount, meaning it is the most important. If local newspapers were to collapse and be replaced by other forms of media such as the radio, television, and the internet, people would be largely ignorant about what is happening in their community. Local newspapers are comprised of editorials and advertisements that are designed to inform the local community about what is happening. Local newspapers may include the scores and highlights from the recent games of local sports teams…show more content…
The staff of a typical newspaper consists largely of full-time, part-time and freelance reporters. In addition to reporters, copy editors, editor-in chief, photographers, art directors, layout staff, managing editors, security, public relations and marketing staff, administration, sales workers, maintenance workers, IT department, and circulation workers are needed. As the newspaper industry declines, the most expensive staff members, which are usually the reporters are cut first. As newspapers transition online and reporters are cut, there is no investigating on the streets and the local news is eliminated. If the newspaper industry were to completely collapse, a lot of people would be out of work and be unable to support themselves and their families if unable to quickly find another…show more content…
As the main focus of most online publications is acquiring viewers and subscribers and cutting costs, the quality of information that physical newspapers had been able to provide to their readers will no longer exist. Because most online publications display stories that are not fully examined, people are not accurately informed about the news of their community. The beneficial relationship that newspaper companies and other companies had with regards to advertising will not be the same as the factor of CPM (cost per thousand) is heavily emphasized now and influences what publications will do to attain a large audience. Inhabitants will no longer be able to acquire the amount of specific news about their community that they were previously able to because of the widespread use of patch reporters. The hometown paper will never be able to be completely replaced as it had been the most credible source for local

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