Family-Family And Social Class

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Family-family is primary because they play an impact role. It is from them that we have our ascribed status like being a sister, brother etc when we were already born. At a young age, they are fully dependable on their parents for protection and giving a safe environment to stay in for at least. And before the child can fully begin to start school, under the parents’ control, it is the job of the parent to teach values, beliefs and skills. How the child views the world depend on how the parents build the environment. Like if the child finds the world trustworthy or dangerous- it all starts in the house as they spent their infant years in there. It is also through the family that they give their children as sense of social identity. Social…show more content…
However, if a parent taught their child to be ignorant in his surroundings then it might be an issue for him. He might think that his culture/race/religion is more superior to the others causing himself to be arrogant towards his peers - Ethnocentrism. In addition, social class also shapes a child’s personality, whether both into a family with high or low social status, children will slowly come to learn how their social class affects how people see them and in time come to see themselves. Social class is a division of a society based on economic and social status which means not only how rich you are but also what is expected form the parents. When people in the United States were asked to pick from a list of traits that are desirable in a child, parents of all social class backgrounds claim that they want their child to be “popular.” But almost 60 percent of parents from the lower class point to “obedience” as a key trait in a child, compared to only about 40 percent of parents in the upper class. By contrast, well-to-do parents are more likely than low-income parents to praise children who can “think for themselves” [Macionis, J. (n.d.). Agents of…show more content…
It is inevitable to say that the media has zero influence but in actual fact they do a lot. Our television, internet, newspaper, and magazines they influence us greatly. They influence us greatly on how we see things, tastes in things, beauty standards (what define beauty), our thinking, perspectives, fashions and many more. Although they influence us greatly but they are the least agent of socialisation because they last for a short period of time and will change eventually. In many countries, there is at least a television in a household. Survey data show that the average household has at least one television set turned on for eight hours each day and that people spend more than half their free time watching television (source from sociology textbook(14th edition). Aside from having a huge influence from largely the television, there is also a influence from violence. It is stated that the amount of violence emerging fprom films and games have to said that is hazardous to our health. More recently, a study found a strong link between aggressive

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