Effects Of Mass Media

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Looking back at the history it is clearly understood that every part of people’s life: politics, economics, nature, society and culture were changed. One of the most significant changes in the communication area was the end of the era when people were just passive consumers of information and the beginning of the era when they play an important role in communication between mass media and its audience. Nowadays people are not afraid to declare their thoughts and opinions about the future of media and mass communication. A category of people said that it will give society new opportunities and benefits to develop the world. Others, on the contrary, were arguing about media being dangerous and even destructive not only for a person who is into…show more content…
Media can be a person’s friend if they know how to use it right and how to spend time with media for prosperity. Otherwise, media would bring a lot of problems into humanity’s life and would be devastating for the world. The summary of the main points about the negative sides of media progress will show what would happen if people be orientated only by mass media. Mass Media created a huge gap between generations and destroyed the idea of connection between people. The world is not standing in one place without any changes. In order to go with the times people change, develop and evolve themselves, their culture and their way of life. Not only did the information and the value of it change, but the ways people receive the information also are completely different now. Henry Jenkins in his article about “Convergence Culture” claimed: “Convergence involves both change in the way media is produced and a change in the way media is consumed” (Jenkins 466). It means that not only do media companies…show more content…
One of the biggest fears that people ever had to face is to be controlled by “big bosses” and not have freedom to choose and vote for their preferences. In “Convergence Culture”, Jenkins was talking about how it does not look so good when people start realizing that a small black box controls their life and gets them addicted to media. One of the most dangerous facts about new media devices is that they are being controlled by huge media business corporations which choose what, when and where customers will do with the information. It means that some big mass media companies decide what people will watch today on the TV and what games and music they will have on their phones. A good evidence to support this point is an example from “Convergence Culture” where the author was trying to buy an old-fashioned, easy phone for calls; instead he bought a new modern smartphone with a lot of gadgets inside just because the store did not have old models of phones anymore (Jenkins 458). It leads to a process of buying not just a phone for calls, but a device full of media technology which is controlled by the biggest companies such as Apple. From the time the author would use the phone he became addicted to it and he lost his own right what to choose in

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