New Testament Literary Form Essay

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Literary Forms in the New Testament The New Testament is composed different genres. These literary forms are Gospels, church history, letters and epistles and apocalypse. Gospel of the New Testament spreads the good news and the life Jesus. The books in the Gospel section include Mathew, Mark, Luke and John. The church history explains the early development and progress of the church. The early church history finds its basis from the consequences of the life of Jesus. Acts narrates most importance episodes of development of Christianity. Letters is miscellaneous document in the New Testament that narrates hopes and troubles of churches when Paul was serving as a missionary. Letters today provides instructions to the church and guides the community on how to live together. These instructions are written in the 1John, 2John and 3John. Finally, the last genre in the New Testament is the Apocalypse which is contained in Revelations provides vision of the end…show more content…
Letters of Paul written about Gentiles congregation, advocate for liberation of the Christians from the Mosaic Law. In contrast, the Gospel of Mathew insists on the obedience and continued use of the Mosaic Law. The third division is evident by unique divinity of Jesus; the Gospel of John composed that the community was based on the love and teachings of disciples. However, there was a debate on the physical humanity of Jesus as authored in 1st and 2nd John. Early Christian communities understood Jesus in different ways. For instance, the Jewish-Christian group in Syria and Palestine regarded Jesus as human adopted by God as his Son while Christians in Rome believed Jesus as divine, spirit being in human nature. The fifth gospel of Thomas offers accounts of Jesus outside Canonical gospel. It portrays Jesus as a teacher and guide of the Christian community and also the embodiment of knowledge necessary for

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