Consumer Buying Behavior Case Study

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Abstract: With the growth of the Social networks around the world, individuals can now share their opinions and experiences with people across the globe. The purpose of this study is to see the impact of the same on the consumer’s buying behaviors. To what extent do the social media influence the customer’s food choices and how much any social media like Zomato can actually persuade a consumer buying decision when it comes to purchasing food. For this a set of fifteen random people were selected and interviewed, the interviews were conducted at Zomato flagged food retailers and through a telephonic. The outcome was that there is a huge influence on the consumer’s buying behavior and thanks to the social media. The consumers are highly…show more content…
Today, with the growth of Internet, online social Media have become important communication channels and also virtual communities have emerged. Online world has become a new kind of social communication, connecting people to variety of online communities has been growing during past decade. Groups that may never meet in the physical world but nevertheless they are able to affect behavior including purchasing decisions. Internet is a social place where created new forum for consumers. Virtual communities, blog, and online social networking sites provide a platform to influence consumers’ purchase decisions. The online social networks provided facilities for consumers to interact with one another, accessing to information, comments, reviews, and rates that can help them for purchasing decisions in different ways 1.2 Problem…show more content…
2) What are the reasons behind online social Media influence on consumers’ purchasing decision process? 1.5 Delimitation The study sets the scale of online social Media Zomato, instead of other online social Media like Foodpanda or Tinyowl. The qualitative research focuses on the active users of Zomato. The Food retailers that displayed in Zomato page is considered in this study. Age, gender, culture background and occupation are not considered in this study. 1.6 Dispositions This thesis consists of the following chapters: Chapter 1. Introduction: This chapter introduces the background of online social networks and consumers’ purchasing decision behavior. The chapter continues with specifying the problem discussion and defining the purpose of the study. Chapter 2. Theoretical framework: This chapter presents the significant previous studies on this topic, including online social networks, the influence of online social networks, consumers’ purchase decision behavior, and the reasons behind online social networks’ influences on consumers’ purchase

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