Al Sharpton's Influence On The Media

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Al Sharpton is a political activist focused on racial injustice. He is able to draw attention to his cause through the use of media ( Activist such as Sharpton can use the internet, evening news locally or internationally, social media, newspapers, billboards, and even the radio. Having so many different media sources most people now have access to the internet and can access news stories around the world from the comfort of their own homes. The media helps the public stay focused on local, state, and national issues that help shape our society. Media is important because in order to make a decision regarding our political views one must first be informed. Activists use the media to reach out to the government to bring attention to issues that might otherwise be swept under the rug. They can use their influence on the media to help make policy changes that they and others feel are unjust. Television is one of the major media outlets the public uses to seek information about political figures. What viewers see on television is not real, on some level it is all fabricated. Politician, Wendy Davis is a great example of how a political figure can go from being unknown to a…show more content…
According to Gregory Dean, “Class-dominant theory argues that the media is controlled by corporations, and the content–especially news content–is dictated by the individuals who own these corporations” (Dean). Marxist theory rests on the division of classes and the resulting conflict. Many of the sources that the public depend on for their news about politics are owned by large corporations. With these corporations funding political powerhouses it is easy to see how the class-dominant theory comes into play. The more money a corporation has the more ad space they can buy to get the public’s attention. In America, our perception of success is measured in dollars not sense it’s no different for politics and the mass

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